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Hello, we are a group of people who study IP disputes in the biggest private intellectual property networks in Korea, IPMS. 

Apart from our day jobs in the private firms and public institutions related to intellectual property businesses, we have been gathering regularly to study intellectual property disputes in various countries for the past several years. This website is a culmination of the research efforts. Started in 2018, the website first came out to the world in February 2019 when we connected the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure we translated into Wikipedia.   Wikipedia has been disconnected once, and connected again when we published the e-book of the translation in 2021.

On the other hand, we came to think that we could practically contribute to the society in ways and go beyond studying. For example, due to the slow legislation that cannot catch up with the rapid technological development, many technologies are either getting lost or transferred abroad for commercialization. We are closer to the technology being developed than ordinary legislators, and we have studied the laws and cases in a steady way, so we were hoping to bridge the gap and help make the necessary legislations/deregulations in due time.

Now we are expanding our expectations even more. We want to appreciate all kinds of creative value deserving legal protection (ONNURI intellectual property) and try to protect them together for the better world.   This site would be the place we start our little experiments.   We will do what we want to do, and what we can do.

A new beginning human being. Please bless and support the Human, Technology, and Law Research Center.

Thank you.

2021. 9.

InGiBeob Research Center Members 

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We are INGIBEOB Research Center | Located at Gasan-dong 60-15, Keumchun-gu, Seoul, Korea

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